I am rainbow

African I may be, but black I may or may not be…

For red,yellow, and blue make black. So, I am rainbow!

European I may be, but white I may or may not be…

For ROYGBIV makes white. So, I am rainbow!

Latin American I may be, but brown I may or may not be…

For red, black, and yellow  make brownSo, I am rainbow!


In rah-rah red, optimistic orange, and youthful yellow

 In germinating green, believable blue, Idealistic indigo, and visionary violet,

Iris arcs her eyebrow of prismatic colors across the firmament and opposite to the sun

All hail to the bow of harmony between God and humanity!

Oh Hell to the fool seeking the pot of gold at  Iris’ illusive end!

An end  and a beginning I have not,

 Black, brown, or white I am not. 

For I am Iris, I am rainbow!

*Author: Clever Mukori

***Author’s notes: PS: Iris is the greek god of the rainbow (it’s believed that she puts a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow)



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