She’s a beauty, isn’t she?

Deeply lodged in the heart of austral Mama Africa is a treasure trove,             An opulent cleft carved betwixt the great Limpopo and the mighty Zambezi   She’s home to the majestic and roaring ‘Smoke that Thunders’, ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’; The never-ending freshwater paradise, Nyaminyami’s Lake Kariba;                 The plateau continent’s best kept secret, the spectacular Chinhoyi caves;         And a symbol of fragility, the peculiarly precarious Chiremba balancing rocks She’s the daughter of the legendary ‘House of Stone’, the Great Zimbabwe!   She’s a gem, a breathtaking beauty, isn’t she?                                                                                                                                                                             Decked in all manner of precious stones,                                                 Diamonds, platinum, silver, and gold,                                                                     She dazzles, they marvel, her pulchritude’s a puzzle they cannot muzzle,     She’s a land of fertile fields, where rains abound                                                   Her fecund womb’s an ageless vine yielding vintage wine                                   She’s Africa’s paradise,                                                                                           A luscious haven of warm, sunny days and cool, clear nights                                                                                                                                                               Over her sprawling Savannah, darkness peals away at the dawn of a new day   As the African Brubru leads the ante meridiem avian chorus,                             Life awakens, above the horizon, boldly the sun arises                                       But all at once, the mortal wheels of life stand still,                                               The wildebeest no longer feasts and the antelope no longer gallops,               The warthog no longer squeals and the dung beetle ceases to roll his dung,   The baboons no longer groom and monkeys cease to swing from tree to tree     For the king of the jungle has roared to awaken Africa’s largest draw!                                                                                                                                                Oh lift high her banner, come rain, come sunshine, let it sway!                            In sacred stripes of red and black, white, yellow and green, let it sway!               To tell a tale of dominance, wealth, sacrifice, and peace, let it sway!                   Join ye together all ye people in adoration of this great nation!                     Come ye her people, sing her praises and to all, make known her splendor         For she’s a pearl, a jewel, a gem, a nugget, a beauty, isn’t she?
                                 Author: Clever Mukori

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